Mark 2 Aircraft chock Friction rope-b chock

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Mark 2 Aircraft Chocks With Friction plug and rope

  • When you want even better grip on the ground
  • Eliminates Foreign Object Damage (FOD)
  • Boeing 737, 777 or Airbus A330, A320 or similar
  • Compliance with SAE AIR4905A standard
  • Withstands a pressure of 200 tons
  • Improves ramp operations
  • Weather and abrasion resistant
  • Resistant to aircraft fuels, oils, and lubricants
  • Will not rot, crack or splinter like wood
  • Two-component super strong polyurethane
  • Molded-in high-visibility yellow & orange colors
  • Light weight
  • 100% recyclable
  • 2 year warranty

Aircraft Chock with innovative reflex- when safety must not be forgotten

When you want even better grip on the ground, Mark friction is a must, the same light Aircraft shock as before, Mark II Chock is designed for large aircraft, e.g. Boing 737 or Airbuss A320, and aviation equipment. The product is made of very durable, lightweight polyurethane. The material is resistant to extreme weather conditions, oils, propellants, as well as a high tear and abrasion resistance. Thanks to the material properties, the block will never rot, crack or splint. Tests have shown that Mark II Chock takes more wheel force than conventional rubber blocks. A reflex is placed on eatch side of the outermost part of the chock in order to further visualize the block if it would be placed behind a wheel. Thanks to the shape of the block, it is easy to place at the right place. The material is 100% recyclable.

Better working environment for ramp operators

The pulling force have been tested in purpose to promote and improve the working climate for  ramp operators. According to ramp operators, GSE may in some cases be used to release chocks in order to  that a human applied force is not enough. The results of the test show that Rosens innovative work is  bearing fruit and we are very satisfied with the results. Due to Rosen´s unique tilting of the chock in  combination with the innovative handles, only a force of 0,5kN is needed. In comparison with some  competitors’ chocks where a hug pulling force of 3,1 kN have been needed to remove the chock. Which  states that an extensive force needs to be applied vertically or by pulling. Through Rosen’s low pulling force,  a better working climate is promoted for the ramp operators.





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