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Stoppkloss bärare Carry All Chocks (CAC)

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Artikelnummer: 7174
Leverantör: www.selfmade.no
  • Back pain and health injuries where a result of years of heavy lifting and manual luggage stowage and handling.
  • Also, placing shocks under the wheels during a plane stop put a strain on the backs, which is why CAC was developed.
  • CAC was sent to Sandefjord Airport Torp for assessment and evaluation. It received an external physiotherapist from Redcord to study ground crews and work day
  • CAC can be adapted to all types of aircraft.
  • The chocks are available in Orange or Yellow color and also with your own logo
  • The idea came of itself after years of struggling with the old type of chocks used on the nose wheels of the plane
  • Eliminates Foreign Object Damage (FOD)
  • Compliance with SAE AIR4905A standard
  • Withstands a pressure of 200 tons
  • Improves ramp operations
  • Weather and abrasion resistant
  • Resistant to aircraft fuels, oils, and lubricants
  • Will not rot, crack or splinter like wood
  • Two-component super strong polyurethane
  • Molded-in high-visibility yellow & orange colors
  • 100% recyclable
  • 2 year warranty

Available in two variants for Dash-8 (small wagon with four Mark II chocks) and for B737, B777, A320 (big wagon with two Mark II bricks)

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Dash-8 (small wagon with four Mark II bricks) and for B737, B777, A320 (big wagon with two Mark II bricks)